Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Painting trip to Napa and Sonoma

Last month, Amanda and I visited Brent Jensen for some plein air fun in Northern California wine country.  We painted each day, thou it was a short trip just over a weekend. This time the vines had just started to sprout leaves from the vines, which are cut back at the end of each season.

Brent had found some new areas to paint, more off the beaten path. We painted in the Napa/Sonoma area. Here are a couple sketches from the trip.

From our first morning, not 100 % done, but thought I'd post anyway. "It's done now"

This one was from the afternoon a small quick one.

This was an old winery we painted on our second morning.  A great place.  The white building is made from volcanic rock and has a date carved over  a door from 1878.  Also, very nice people there.  We were lucky the place was open as it's only open for special events and appointment only. Well, more a little later.

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